U Is for Upper Beam

Metalworking Glossary for the Letter U

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  • Universal Grinder. A type of cylindrical grinder that allows both the wheel head and the work head to be swiveled. They can either be inside diameter (ID) or outside diameter (OD) grinding machines.
  • Universal Measuring Machine. A metrology device, the universal measuring machine (UMM) was the predecessor of the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and isn’t readily available today (though custom-built models are still ordered by metrology labs). An extremely accurate machine, a UMM operates slowly and requires a highly trained operator to use it. A modern CMM can rapidly inspect absolute points on an object, but must calculate geometric relationships, whereas a UMM can carefully measure those relationships, and do so without moving linear axes.
  • Universal Milling Machine. A versatile mill that features a table that can pivot at any angle up to 45° on either side.
  • Universal Shaper. A shaper with a table that can also swivel and tilt—in additional to horizontal and vertical movement—allowing more complex surfaces to be created.
  • Up Acting Press Brake. A press brake where the upper beam is stationary, and the lower beam raises the die up into the punch.
  • Upper Beam. On a standard down-acting press brake, the upper beam is the vertically moving ram upon which the punch holder is mounted. On an up-acting brake, the upper beam is stationary, and the lower beam moves the die up to the punch.