V Is for Vise

Metalworking Glossary for the Letter V

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  • V-Block. Sometimes spelled out as “Vee block,” a V-block is an inspection tool that resembles a short press brake V-die with a V-shaped channel cut into the top. They are used for checking the roundness of cylindrical workpieces, as well as accurately marking centers. Some have clamps to hold down the part to the V-block while they are being worked on, and others are fabricated with a large hole in the middle with a magnetic rod that can be switched into position to secure a ferrous part in place.
  • Variable Geometry 3-Roll Plate Roll. A variable geometry plate roll is a three-roll plate rolling machine on which the two bottom rolls can be independently moved horizontally, where the top roll moves vertically. All three rolls usually include the ability to angle inward at the end to enable cone rolling. The plate roll is so named because the geometry or arrangement of the rolls can be varied, which gives it the ability to work with a wide range of materials. Adjusting the geometry of the bottom rolls changes the pressure of the top roll and gives the operator the ability to better compensate for deflection. Variable geometry rolls are heavy-duty machines and are often used as pressing rolls because of the intense pressure that the top roll can apply. 
  • Variable-pitch Milling Cutter. A cutter with inserts that are spaced unevenly to reduce vibration and increase stability by breaking up harmonic vibrations. Also called differential-pitched cutters, they are not recommended for high spindle speeds because they are difficult to balance.
  • Vertical Lathe. A vertical lathe is essentially a turntable on which a very large workpiece can be positioned for turning when a typical horizontal lathe would not be able to support it.
  • Vertical Milling Machine. A mill that has a downward facing spindle.
  • Vertical Shaper. A shaper that has a vertically moving ram.
  • Vertical Spindle Surface Grinder. A type of rotary surface grinder that has its grinding wheel mounted on a vertical spindle and uses the side of the wheel to grind.
  • Vibratory Finishing. A common type of deburring that uses a spinning or vibrating chamber and a finishing compound to clean and remove surface imperfections from multiple parts at the same time.
  • Vise. A device for holding a workpiece stationary during an operation. Those mounted on a machine tool like a saw or mill are usually very sturdy to counter the machining forces.