X Is for X-axis

Metalworking Glossary for the Letter X

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  • X-axis. One of three axes in a three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system, the X-axis is perpendicular to both the Y-axis and Z-axis.
  • X1, X2 Axes. On a press brake, the front to back dimension is called the X-axis, and it is set by the back gauge. The forward position of the back gauge determines the length of the flange that is bent on the workpiece. A press brake with independent back gauge movement will consider each as a separate axis. As viewed from the front of the machine, the left back gauge is called X1, and the right is called X2. The operator can set X1 and X2 at different depths to create an angled bend line in relation to the back of the workpiece or to support a sheet with an uneven back edge.