Y Is for Yield

Metalworking Glossary for the Letter Y

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  • Y-axis. One of three axes in a three-dimensional cartesian coordinate system, the Y-axis is perpendicular to both the X-axis and Z-axis.
  • Y1, Y2 Axes. On a press brake, the vertical movement of the ram is referred to as the Y-axis. If a CNC press brake is equipped with two separate hydraulic cylinders, one on each side of the ram, and allows independent control of the cylinders through the CNC, it is considered a “Y1/Y2” press brake. On such a machine, each side of the ram is designated as a separate axis, with the left, as seen from the front of the machine, called Y1, while the right is called Y2. Having separately controlled Y-axes allows the CNC to bring both sides of the ram down exactly parallel to the die for greater bending accuracy.
  • Yield. In metalworking, the term yield can mean different things. The yield strength of a piece of metal refers to the maximum stress that can be applied to it before a permanent change in its shape begins to take place. In metal cutting, material yield refers to how much useable material can be taken from a workpiece, as opposed to the amount that is wasted. Methods for improving material yield include nesting components together for laser cutting and combining jobs that use the same blanks in sawing.
  • Yield Point. The point of stress at which a material is no longer elastic.